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EHC provides various services under 16 broad categories. Please see a brief description of the broader categories or click on them if you wish to know the specific services provided under those. We hope that this classification helps you to understand the entire gamut of services provided by us.

From all the services we provide, the 4 areas given below are our specialities. All other services are listed below these four specialities.

Spoken English Training

Sri Lankans have a strong English vocabulary compared with many other international populations thanks to our colonial exposure and the foreign traders who frequented our island. However, successive governments since independence other than for the present one kept English as an exclusive tool of the elite and the urban communities. EHC is one of the entities identifying easy ways to address this menacing problem which keeps a large part of the population at bay. Numerous opportunities are open for people who possess English language skills and as a result thousands of very talented and experienced individuals have to be satisfied with junior- level or entry - level jobs. Our objective is to break this barrier to facilitate the entry of such individuals and businesses to penetrate lucrative revenue-generation opportunities found locally and globally.


Public Speaking
We help you to enhance your announcing, news reading and telephone conversation skills enabling you to go up to the level of a compeer or Master of Ceremonies (MC). The overall quality of these skills have decreased markedly and even some of the radio stations and television channels who never compromised on the standard of language of their radio and television personalities are now compelled to settle for sub-standard delivery. EHC will first enable you to handle personal and business phone calls well and arm you with the confidence of doing bigger things. The ultimate skills needed for public speaking including presentation skills, speech-making skills, compeering skills, debate moderation skills and radio / television presentation skills are now a reality with EHC's customized coaching programs involving industry professionals and expert coaches. Celebrities and leaders who hit the limelight and reach stardom too can now obtain individual VIP help to enhance their public appeal through linguistic prowess. Classic examples of such skills hitting headlines were recently witnessed in President Mahinda Rajapakshe and Entrepreneur Mark Zuckerburg with their respective Tamil and Mandarin skills pleasing audiences. EHC's aim is to bring you closer to your dream of becoming one such leader in corporate, government, political, entrepreneurial, business sectors or in your own circles of peers, friends or relations.


Business Writing
Not only that we are compelled to use the English language for overseas transactions which is somewhat obvious due to the fact that English indeed is the international language but for local corporate and private sector activities as well due to the western business culture and the atmosphere continued in the country even many years after its establishment during colonial times. The language handicap of the large majority of our people keeps them away from grabbing numerous professional, business, leadership  and personal opportunities which come their way from time to time. The will to change this trend has come after 60 years of independence thanks to the tri-lingual capability programs initiated by the present government. EHC aims to support these programs indirectly by offering complementary programs achieving similar objectives. Business writing skills are a must for everyone pursuing business opportunities or working for businesses who strive to grab or retain opportunities found locally or globally. Over the years we have helped many individuals and organizations with their business writing requirements opening many doors for them.


Communication Workshops
EHC engages itself in organizing and conducting lectures, workshops, training and coaching programs, seminars and forums for the improvement of English language skills. Our panelists have extensive experience in carrying-out and implementing such modules to the utmost satisfaction of audiences and target groups here and overseas. Customized programs can be designed now to suit your very specific requirements enabling you to facilitate more effective, efficient and productive working and business environments in your workplaces and organizations be it profit-oriented or not. We are fully geared to serve all sectors - private, government or non-governmental if your requirement is connected with English language proficiency. Our resource personnel match up to the levels of proficiency displayed by some of the international trainers and coaches and would cost you or your organization much less than employing foreign experts. On the other hand we can help you to reach the minimum levels of understanding required by some of the foreign trainers and coaches offering their expertise here in the island.



  • Writing Skills

    From a personal letter to a board paper, we are able to coach you on how you can write better. On the other hand, if you want us to write a letter or document for you, we will be happy to do that for you.

  • Reading Skills

    If you have trouble reading a letter or document, we are there to help you. However, if you like to learn how to read better, we still would like to help you to gain reading skills.

  • Comprehension Skills

    Understanding what has been written sometimes requires assistance. Sometimes different writing styles, heavy accents and other reasons make some writings or recordings unclear. We in these situations will be more than glad to help you to comprehend what has been written or said. Sharpening your comprehending skills will undoubtedly make you a better communicator as listening is more important than speaking most of the time.

  • Presentation Skills

    Whether you present a serious business presentation on PowerPoint or doing a physical presentation of some product, you need some presentation skills.

  • Negotiation Skills

    Linguistic aspects of a negotiation is as important as your business acumen, bargaining power, personal rapport, public relations skills, etiquette and all other ingredients which makes you successful in negotiations whether it is business or otherwise. Correct use of the language adds the finesse to your negotiation and we coach you to earn that finesse.

  • Interview Skills

    Facing an interview and conducting an interview both require specific skills in order to impress. If you impress your interview board, you stand a chance to grab what’s being offered. On the other hand, if you impress your interviewees, the most suitable candidates will consider joining you making it a mutually beneficial proposition.

  • Interrogation Skills

    Your questioning skills, moderating skills, patience, listening skills, information-extracting skills and the use of psychological tactics are amongst a range of tools used by smart interrogators conducting any type of inquiry or investigation. In an interrogation, you simply cannot afford to miss asking the crucial questions and miss out on recording the much expected responses.

  • Supervision Skills

    To be an effective supervisor, your language skills come handy. There are instances where your team or subordinates will only understand English at least until you learn their language. Therefore, people who encounter such situations would need to learn the basics required for good supervision.

  • Leadership Skills

    Good leaders accepted by all almost always display language proficiency. In Sri Lanka, you can become an effective business or political leader or a professional if you master all three national languages. This why people belonging to Tamil, Moslem and some minority communities most often do better especially in business appealing to all communities who patronize their businesses. The majority Sinhalese do not show tri-lingual proficiency other than for a few. Not all possessing tri-lingual capability become leaders but effective leaders often show their language abilities or the keenness to learn other languages. 

  • Telephone Skills

    Knowing all three languages is a definite advantage for all telephone operators and telemarketers. If you are in international trade then knowing English becomes a must. Your first ice breaker would be that first call you receive. That call could change your whole life or your employer’s future. That’s why you need professional telephone skills.

  • News Reading & Editing Skills

    When radio and television stations were a few in the island, we witnessed relatively better news editing and reading. However, mushrooming stations and channels have brought-down the overall standards maintained by popular radio and television personalities. However, some stations have always maintained good standards right throughout with much difficulty. The time has now come to help these personalities to hone their skills and make their presentations above average.

  • Translation Skills

    Whether it is a simple translation of one page of a document or providing translation services at a business meeting, we are happy to help you. If your job entails translation as a routine, then we can coach you to do your job more effectively. Erroneous translations could lead to disasters in your personal, professional as well as business life.

  • Compering Skills

    Sri Lanka has only a few good comperes who can appeal to any kind of audience. Compering comes naturally to some but others need training. What to say and what not to say is the key in this business. You will get your cheque but not repeat business if you became the star of an event but said one or two controversial things. We will train you to be an effective announcer, compere or a Master of Ceremonies (MC) with our expertise in these areas.

  • Public Relations Skills

    For good PR, you need to know your language well. The more languages you know the more successful you become in Public Relations. Let alone English, this is why some are now learning foreign languages such as Hindi and Mandarin in order to appeal to wider audiences and simply do your job better. So, knowing good English is a must if you are a PR professional. PR plays a major role in business, hospitality trade, politics and many other professions and people who are in these areas know the value of English in their day to day lives.

  • Conversational Skills

    Carrying-out a simple two-way dialogue with someone who does not understand your mother-tongue is facilitated by the mutual understanding of the international language English. Trade begins with a dialogue. Peace begins with a dialogue. Settlements begin with a dialogue. Love begins with a dialogue. To have a conversation going with another or more people, you need to know their common language unless everyone is from your own community. Knowing English facilitates the learning of conversational skills.

  • Transcribing Skills

    These skills are usually required by BPO workers, market researchers and investigators amongst a few other groups of professionals. Transcribers are paid well especially when foreign or difficult accents are involved in a recording. EHC will be happy to teach you the specific set of skills needed by you to become a good transcriber.

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